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In Bloom 2016

Outstanding Award at RHS Southport Conference!


We have just attended the RHS award ceremony in the Southport Conference centre and Mosley Common In Bloom has been given the highest level award....5.  'OUTSTANDING'.
Just to provide some background on this, in year 1 Mosley Common in Bloom had only been a group for 3 months and was awarded level 3 - developing, which was amazing.  
We were also given the special award, an engraved silver platter for: "Outstanding  Award for Best Developing Community Project".
In our 2nd year we went up a level to 4; Thriving.
Last year we achieved the highest level of 5: Outstanding and again this year we achieved level 5: Outstanding
This, our fourth year we have again achieved the highest level of 5; outstanding. 
Well done and thank you everyone!!