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Regeneration / Biodiversity Project

Mosley Common in Bloom are very active in the area clearing away rough scrub areas which have been left to overgrow with brambles, hawthorn and nettles etc. 

This type of scrub collects and traps litter making it very difficult for us to access and remove rubbish on our clear up/litter pick events.

In turn this encourages people to throw litter on the floor rather than put it in the bin, or take it home with them, which we obviously want to discourage.

Positive action was needed, so we decided we could, with the help of other groups and local volunteers, clear as much as possible, to allow us to seed wild flowers.  

We hope this will add flashes of vibrant colour and movement, encourage wildlife (endangered bees and butterflies etc), and also make the areas accessible for us to litter pick. 

So all in all, a win win scenario.

We would love it if you could find some time to get involved with these ongoing projects.