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2016 Scarecrow Festival

The first ever Mosley Common in Bloom Scarecrow Festival was such a success that the organisers caught out by the unexpected volume of visitors had to get extra judging forms printed to cope with the demand.
Maxine Abberley, chair of MCIB said "Never in my wildest dreams did I expect anything like this. Not only was the standard of the exhibits sensational, but the turnout of visitors on the day was astounding. They came from all over the county, I never realised that scarecrow festivals had such a big following, but it seems that people do travel around the country to all the different scarecrow festivals."
Lindale Hall the Beehive community centre, hub of the festival, was buzzing from the minute the doors opened at 10 until well after the official closing time 4pm when last minute visitors were still coming in. Mavis Grundy and her team from Evergreen kept the food and drinks coming, whilst other activities including face painting and games were keeping the children happily occupied.
One couple who had travelled from Bamhope in Yorkshire told the Bugle. "We spotted the festival on Twitter and set out at six this morning. We have had a wonderful day, the scarecrows have been amazing, and the hospitality has been great even for Lancashire, when you consider that this was the first one we just don't what to expect next year. We will most certainly be back.
Maxine said "Today was in some ways an experiment, we didn't know what to expect it could have been just one scarecrow, and a couple of dog walkers looking at it, but with 25 fantastic exhibits, and the biggest crowd of visitors to Mosley Common that I have ever seen it has certainly caught everyone's imagination. A very big thank you is due to everyone who worked so hard to make it all happen, and everyone who came along and supported the event, that is what has made it all worthwhile".
When asked will there be another festival next year her reply was. "You bet there will!"