Welcome to Mosley Common Village
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Welcome to Mosley Common Village.

Mosley Common is under threat.

Under the guise of the Places for everyone scheme Wigan Council has allowed unprecedented building on green belt areas almost wiping out all our green spaces.

There has been no updating of the infrastructure and the main thoroughfare Mosley Common Road built in the pre Victorian era is now woefully incapable of coping with the increased traffic flow.

Wigan Council is now trying to push through planning for a further 1100 houses which will destroy the remaining green belt area.

This will increase the private vehicles in the village by at least a further 2000.

The council claim that they are required to allow this building to meet Government requirements.


Mosley Common has already passed the number of houses required under the scheme which is voluntary. Other councils in Greater Manchester have either refused to take part in the scheme or pulled out of it.

The truth is that Wigan are allowing this insane building in order to benefit from the extra income it will earn for the council to spend on Wigan Town Centre in order to achieve the coveted purple flag status.

Now is the time to sign the petition before it is too late.

Save our greenbelt.

We must fight the efforts of Wigan Council to rape Mosley Common of our few remaining green spaces If you are considering buying property in Mosley Common you should be warned that it is no longer a peaceful mining village.
Save our greenbelt.

Save our Village

Act now whilst there is still time
Save our Village

Mosley Common Transport Headache

Considering moving to Mosley Common? Not a good idea if you need to get to work Total gridlock and very poor bus services at rush hours.
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